K-999 Dog Training

About Me

Whether walking a group of dogs or working 1 to 1 with those that need help, there's always a new task ahead waiting to be taken on!

I don't have a magic wand unfortunately, but what I can do is help show you and your best friend a consistent and successful approach-using reward based positive training methods.


I've lived the best part of 40 years with dogs, luckily having the chance to work full time with dogs for the last 10 years. My dog training is accredited by the CPD Standards office and I continue to learn and help dogs on a daily basis with reward-based positive training methods. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by dogs 24/7, 365 days a year.

Dogs are amazing animals and part of the family. We love them unquestionably and want to do the best for them. 

With this in mind, more patience and understanding can go a long way. I'll help you be ready for a rewarding and happy life together.


I'll work out a schedule with you that suits your needs. We'll communicate regularly and develop any training requirements on a weekly basis. 


I always follow safety guidelines and for your peace of mind have a comprehensive pet business insurance in place.

Always There For You

Please call to discuss any issues you have. I can tailor a plan specific to your dogs needs. Different dogs, different needs, different solutions.

Chris 07958696800.