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Training & Walking

Dog Behaviour

Adult dog training

From £40 per hour


*Anxiety (including fear/separation)

*Aggression (and the various stages including social/fear)

*Uncontrollable barking

*Jumping up



Puppy Training

Puppy Training

For dogs 9-24 weeks old

From £20 per 30 mins

Including; *House Training*Socialisation*Positive Reward based training*Chewing*Lead training*Recall

Junior Training

For dogs 6 months - 18 months

From £30 for 45 mins

Including various communication;

Come/Recall*Stay*Leave it*Calm*Look*Tricks

Dog Walks & Socialisation 

 Dog Walking-2021 pricing

Dog Visits/Puppy Visits

Various schedules to suit needs available. Call to discuss further. Visits start from £10

*Group Dog walking: 1 hour (1 hour is walk time, doesn't include collection)

1 dog £13

2 dogs, £20

3 dogs, £25

4 dogs, £30